Helping Children with Facial Differences

Children with this health problem need constant team care and may require surgical procedures until the age of twenty. The Surgeon General of the United States has estimated the lifetime medical costs to by upward of $100,000 each. Many of the procedures are covered through private and government funding but the majority of the children have excessive financial burden. The birth rate of children with clefts is about one out of every 700 births! The problem affects every walk of life and does not have economic preferences.

A smile for a child foundation has donated several hundreds of haberman bottles for cleft palate kids.  The cost of the bottles can be dramatic for a new parents.  The special needs nipple alone cost somewhere between 20-30 dollars each.  Working with the cleft and craniofacial clinic these bottles are distributed to families in need. 

The foundation will also sponsor children who are in need of orthodontics.  Most if not all cleft kids will need braces at some point in their treatment and some of the time insurance will not cover for their placement.  The foundation allows for complete comprehensive care of children with facial differences. 

How do these children do?

If the child has access to appropriate health care through interdisciplinary team evaluation and care they will grow up to have happy normal lives. We do know that our perception of others is greatly biased by what people look like, if the children go without a particular aspect of care due to being underfunded they will be affected the rest of their lives. Our goal is to eliminate this lack of care so that those smiles shine.

The board of directors


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 A Smile for a Child Foundation

A 501c3 Foundation

President and Founder

Kevin S. Smith DDS, FACS

Professor and Residency Director

Cleft and Maxillofacial Surgery

University of Oklahoma


Cheryl Anders

Cleft Patient/Cleft Parent



Shelly Geddes, M.S., CCC-SLP

Speech Language Pathologist


PAul Tiwana, MD, DDS

Professor and Chairman

Oral and facial Surgery

University of Oklahoma


Jason Rainey


Salient Innovations in Surgery


Charles L. Spicer, Jr. FACHE

President and CEO

OU Medical Center,

The Children’s Hospital and

OU Medical Center Edmond

John Archer, DDS, MS