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Mack's Shining Smile!

Smile for a Child Foundation is pleased to announce that a grant has been given to the Morris Family for orthodontic work for their son, Mack. Mack is 15 and on his 5th round of braces because of his cleft lip and palate! Our grant was intended to lift some of the financial pressure off the Morris family so they could get Mack the care he needs.

Mack is one of the happiest kids we know! He is an avid basketball player, he is a phenomenal student in school, and he loves classic cars. He likes cars so much that he would love to attend McPherson College in Kansas, and to graduate from their Automotive Restoration Program-  revitalized and supported by Jay Leno.

Mack's mother, Hallie, was so grateful for your support of Mack that she had a lovely message we would like to share with you: "The cleft lip and palate repair journey is a long one, and without donors like you, many families would not be able to provide the way that they would like to for their clefties... These are kids who did not ask for the differences that they were born with, but who show up, every day, with smiles which light up the room.  They and their families count on the generous support of people like you- people with big hearts, whether you have a little or a lot to give- it makes all the difference in the world. "

Donate to Smile for a Child today to continue to help kids like Mack and his family!

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