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The Bottle Debate - which is best?

We recently got an email from our SFAC Family member Christina. She asked us which bottle is best for her cleft baby, Haberman's or Dr. Brown's?

The short answer is, whatever the baby feeds best with! If you are using one or the other and your baby is taking in a healthy amount of food and nutrients there is no need to switch. In fact, switching means that the baby has to start from scratch and learn the feeding process again, so it is very inadvisable to switch unless your baby isn't feeding enough.

The differences between the two bottles are slight. Haberman bottles are helpful because you can adjust the flow of milk, and they also included a preemie nipple for your little one. The Dr. Brown's on the other hand are cheaper and they look more like a regular bottle for feeding. Both include helpful indicators so you can easily measure your child's intake of nutrients. The best one is the one that helps your child gain the weight they need to be healthy and happy. No need to switch if they are doing well!

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