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Smile for a Child 2005 Grants

Updated: Jun 24, 2019

In 2005, Smile for a Child Foundation awarded five grants to individuals and their health care teams. The purpose of these grants was to help cover the costs of surgeries and procedures associated with craniofacial differences and cleft lip and palate.

W.P. was awarded a grant to undergo orthodontics work at the Oklahoma College of Dentistry.

B.P. was also awarded a grant to cover orthodontics procedures with the Oklahoma College of Dentistry.

Lexy Landry was awarded a grant to fund a cranial implant conducted by the Lorenz Surgical team. The implant was to reconstruct a cranial defect.

Brittnee Rosser was awarded a grant to assist with the treatment for her cleft lip and palate. This grant was used with Dr. Michael Steffen for orthodontics treatment.

Finally, Smile for Child Foundation was pleased to give 11 year-old Erin McBride a grant for her orthodontic treatment. This grant was used in the office Douglas Kirkpatrick, DDS.

All of these procedures were conducted without a problem, and all patients were happy and their smiles shined a little brighter!

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